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Less is the new more

Instead of providing you with more things, we provide you with less. We offer you a subscription to nothing.

Get Nothing


You’re already signed up for a bunch of stuff, like streaming services, software, and delivery apps. Honestly, it seems like you have everything you need.

So, what else do you need to find happiness? Nothing.

Rather than offering you more things or services, Nothing suggests that you refrain from buying anything else. It’s about taking a step back from the constant pressure to consume and acquire, and finding joy in the things that really matter.


Not a subscriber yet? There’s nothing stopping you! Read on for more reasons why you should sign up.

Thoughtful gift

Give Nothing to yourself or to someone you appreciate more than anything. This unique gift serves as a powerful reminder that true happiness cannot be found in material possessions.


Nothing promotes a simpler and more mindful lifestyle.


Nothing generates no physical waste or clutter, making it beneficial for the environment.


We aren’t trying to make you spend more time and money on our website. We have no idea what CTR, DAU, MAU, or retention rate mean.

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What makes Nothing unique? Take a look at how we stand out from the competition.

  SpotifyApple Music NetflixDisney+HBOHulu DoorDashLove With FoodHelloFresh
Music Yes No No No
Video No Yes No No
Food No No Yes No

Gift Nothing

Struggling to figure out what to give your friend, coworker, or that relative you haven’t seen in years? Consider gifting Nothing. Show how much you appreciate them, even if they need nothing.

Gift Nothing

Success Stories

Discover how Nothing has changed subscribers’ lives.

Nothing has improved every part of my life. I received a promotion at work, and my hair has never looked better. My ex-wife also came back to me, although my current wife didn’t seem to appreciate it.

I’ve never seen such honest marketing before. I received exactly what I was offered — nothing. It’s incredible!

Subscribing to Nothing made me realize that maybe I didn't need it after all. I've never felt so smart.

Great — another monthly bill to add to the list of things I’ll forget to cancel. Thanks!

I gave my boss a subscription, and he said it was cooler than the yacht he bought last year. My only complaint is that he didn’t give me a yacht in return.

There's no such thing as nothing. In every nothing, there's a something. In fact, there could be everything!

Libba Bray


It’s a joke, right?

No. We are seriously counting on your money and have already taken out a loan for a new car.

What will the money be used for?

We donate 50% of our profits to charitable foundations worldwide. However, supporting charity is not our main goal. If your main objective is to support charity, it may be more effective for you to directly donate to a foundation of your choice.

Do you have a family subscription to Nothing?

There’s nothing better than sharing with family, and we hope to offer a family subscription in the future. However, at the moment, we have a limited supply of Nothing.

How do I update or cancel my subscription to Nothing?

Log in to PayPal, then go to Settings and click the Payments tab. Then, click Manage Automatic Payments and select the merchant. Check out detailed instructions from PayPal here.

What if I have additional questions?

Feel free to email us your questions at

Are you ready to get Nothing?

We’ll write a terrific call to action here when we have enough money to hire a marketer. For now, we’ll just tell you to subscribe.

Get Nothing

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Get Nothing
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